Youtube: Jay Lenos Garage Review

Jay Lenos Garage HeaderJay Leno’s Garage is a great YouTube channel that is run and presented by Jay Leno himself! It features many of the cars from his huge collection and many one off models that others come in to show to him and to his viewers.

The show is very informative and Jay himself is very interested in cars and his passion comes through when presenting the show. He is continuously adding to his collection both new and old cars and updates the site weekly or more often.

Overall a great show and highly recommend following, especially if your into cars.

I would rate this site a 7/10 as may not be to everyone’s liking as it is for the true car enthusiasts or geeks, like myself :) … If you are a car buff  then this channel gets a 10/10 and you should check it out right now!

Check out Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube here: Jay Leno’s Garage.


-Random Reviews Team-

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