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DigitalRev TV is YouTube channel site based in Hong Kong dedicated to all things photography. The presenter (Kai) and his supporting crew (Lok – Cameraman/Lamby – Assistant) do product reviews, helpful guides, challenges and other things to help those of us who know little or want to learn more about about photography.

They describe themselves as “The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an asian dude with British accent.” Which is true! Kai is a funny presenter, who really enjoys what he does. Both Lok and ALamby also chip in on different shows and the three of them have a good on screen chemistry. They put up new videos twice a week on Mondays and Thursday (Hong Kong Time), so there is continuously new content being uploaded for us to learn and enjoy.

DigitalRevTV-Noob Fails 

This is a great channel for photography or even if you are after some light hearted humour, while learning how to become a better photographer!
I would rate this channel 9/10. It has something from all walks of photographers from new learners to semi-pros and even professionals!

Check out DigitalRev TV on YouTube here: DigitalRev TV. You can also click on any of the above pictures to go to that specific video directly.

Please also have a look at the DigitalRev TV website and start improving your photography skills!!

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