Samsung PS51D6900 – 51″ of Plasma Goodness!

The Samsung PS51D6900 51″ Plasma is a Series 6 Samsung TV that came out in 2011 as part of Samsungs Smart TV range. It has many bells and whistles that the series 8 models have. The most noticible difference will be the design and the lack of a web browser in the Smart TV Hub. The recommended retail price of the PS51D6900 is AU$2099.00 but most shops will sell it closer to $1700.00 and some places will go less. We found a good online shop that was selling this Samsung at a bargain and despite being less than one year after being released, we snapped up this TV online for nearly $800 less than retail at $1285.00!!

After the TV arrived we quickly unpacked the box straight away. Unpacking reviealed the following goodies, the TV itself, remote control, stand, 1 pair of 3D glasses (which are the newer bluetooth model but not-rechargeable), manuals and a converter for analogue connections. The setup was relatively straight forward, although we needed a second pair of hands for the stand assembly. We then started connecting our devices. The PS51D6900 has 4 HDMI ports, which is great, but unfortunately, we overlooked that we had two older connections in RCA cabling because of an older satellite and foxtel system. So for the time being, the satellite and Foxtel is being switch manually as need. This is not the TV’s fault, mostly ours as it was an overlook with regards to the input specfications.

Some photos of the Samsung PS51D6900 (sorry for the image quality – they were taken with my mobile phone):

We then went ahead with the easy on screen setup prompts when we switched the TV on and in no time we had scanned for all local digital channels and connected the TV to our Wi-Fi network. Once on, we all fell in love with this TV straight away, the picture clarity was fantastic (coming from a 6year old LG plasma and having seen friends/relatives Sony Bravia’ TV’s). We played normal TV for a while, using 2D and later trying the onboard conversion to 3D. Both were great! We then popped in Avatar in Bluray (not the 3D version) and that was completely stunning!! We then switched on 2D-3D conversion and enjoyed the vibrant 3D image which was just as stunning as the 2D image. We have not tried any native 3D movies as we don’t have any avaiable for testing, when we get our hands on one, it will be updated on here.

The Smart Hub is decent. It works as its supposed to and the content will be specific to your country. We were able to use youtube through the Wi-Fi with no problems and watched an episode of At home with Julia with the ABC iView app. There are many apps and Bigpond movies is already set up on there. One thing to note is that the Samsung TV’s might not support free downloads or usage-free downloads for content like ABC iView through the TV. It would be wise to check with your internet service provider before queing up tv shows or watching any movie marathons.

We would definitely recommend the Samsung PS51D6900 plasma to anyone in the market for a TV. It is such good value for money with soo much realestate at 51inches, which is 1″ more than most in its class. The picture quality is great, the features are astounding and the did we mention the price?!?

Special Mention to the online store we bought it from –  Appliances Online (formerly BigBrownBox) who never put a foot wrong. Ordered the TV on Monday morning and they delivered it to our door the next day at 9am. They had great service, fast delivery and a cheap price!!

If we needed to recommend a large TV to family or friends, this Samsung PS51D6900 plasma would be very high on our list of recommended TV’s for 2011.

– Random Reviews Team –

Long Term Verdict:
We’ve had this TV for nearly 4 years and it is still running strong and hasn’t skipped a beat watching dvd’s, satellite, foxtel and even some console gaming with crystal clear picture quality!

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