Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type Review

The Nokia X3-02 is a unique mobile phone. It sports both a touch screen and a physical keypad. The X3-02 is part of the Touch and Type range from Nokia. It aims to bridge the gap between keypad and touch screen phones.

The X3-02 is visually very appealing, with its slender body (9.6mm!) and feather lite weight (77.5grams!). The phone comes in five different flavours, Black (Dark Grey) / White Silver / Petrol Blue / Pink / Lilac. The keypad buttons are all easy to press and seems firm enough. The touch screen is very responsive and the tactile feedback (the vibrations you receive after touching the screen) is extremely accurate and very reassuring. The phone over feels very solid in your hand and does not seem like it will break that easy.

Nokia x3-02 touch and type

The X3-02 is a good bridge or starter phone to slowly introduce consumers to touch phones who are more comfortable with keypad based mobiles. This is the case for this review, it was intended for a user who did not want a completely touch phone, but insisted on getting a keypad. In the end the user was very happy and has loved the phone ever since buying it.

The phone is packed full of features, like Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) / Bluetooth (2.1) / Quad Band GSM & HSDPA (3G). The las feature is good for us in Australia, it basically means it will work with all carriers in Australia and even with Telstra “Next-G” and Optus “Yes-G” spectrum’s. Which is an added bonus for a phone in this price segment. The battery life is reasonable for a touch/type combination. The phone will do about 3.5 hours of talk in 3G while 2G will give you just over 5 hours. In standby this phone will give you over 400 hours.

One point to note, is that the camera while being 5 mega-pixel it is fixed focus and so will be a little more limited than you may expect from a 5MP camera-phone. It has 50mb of internal storage and accepts micro-SD cards up to 32GB. The X3-02 also comes with Facebook and Twitter built into for the social media addicts out there (or for those of us who just want to check our updates).

This phone was released in September 2010 at RRP of  AUD 399.  Nearly one year later and you can get this phone on sale for less than half  its original retail price. We bought our Nokia X3-02 for AUD 169.00 and have never looked back since. The Nokia X3-02 is available on Amazon for US$149.99 + delivery.

The Nokia X3-02 is a great phone for all types of users, it  has many features of a high end phone with a very modest price tag. We rate the Nokia X3-02 a 8/10.

– Random Reviews Mobile Team –

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