Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote Review


The Harmony 300 is Logitech’s answer to your remote control problems. It is a universal remote that will replace up to 4 remote controls and combine them into the one remote. The Harmony 300 is well a designed remote which has many options and customizable features (not as much as the others in the Logitech family, but more than enough at this price!).

I had bought this remote for my parents, who lost one of their remotes. We found an original remote replacement but that would have cost nearly AU $85, while we managed to get this remote on sale at $25 (RRP $49). Amazon is selling it for US$24.99 + free US super saver shipping.

The setup was relatively straight forward, just make sure to get all the serial numbers of the devices you want to control before hand, and took about 5-10mins. The setup is done via myharmony.com. The remote can control up to four devices. The preset four that they say you would control are TV, DVD player, Cable/Satellite & VCR/Aux. In my case I had 5 devices, but just connected the four most popular. They all worked straight away and had no issues.

I did notice, unlike the Harmony “One” remote from Logitech, this remote acts like the remote you tell it to act like. So if you select cable, the remote now acts like your cable/Foxtel remote. The volume controls, by default, are set to the tv’s while the channel buttons change the remote device you are currently controlling. Which is a nice default setting from Logitech.

The build quality of the remote is surprising good and seems like it will last for some time. I have noticed the remote to be more responsive than the more expensive Logitech Harmony “One” remote, which was very surprising. Another point to note is that there is two versions of this same from Logitech. The other model is the Harmony 300i The only difference between the 300 and the 300i is that the 300 has a matte finish while the 300i has a glossy finish.

Overall I would rate this remote a 7/10. It has all the features you would expect from a universal remote, the extremely easy to use Logitech setup and all at a price point that is very hard to beat!

– Random Reviews Team –

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