Kung Fu Panda Review

Kung Fu Panda was released in 2008 and was a huge success for Dreamworks & Paramount pictures. The story is set in olden day China and evolves around the dream of a Panda called Po (Jack Black). Po works in his dad’s noodle shop but dreams of fighting along side the furious five, the greatest ninja of his era. One day the announcement of the Dragon Warrior, who is the “chosen” warrior, is made and the whole village, including Po , make their way up to the Kung Fu temple to witness the ceremony.

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Po,  being the son of a noodle shop owner, was asked to bring the noodles up to the top, but because of his lack of fitness, does not make it on time. He misses the furious five’s showcase and as the Dragon Warrior was about to be selected, he comes up with a plan to use fire works to enter the arena. With this, he fumbles and makes a grand entrance and falls into place in front of the grand master, master Oogway. He is now the chosen warrior and must embark on his journey to become the Dragon Warrior, despite oppositions from master Shifu, who trains the furious five.

The story then follows master Shifu and Po as they battle to train Po to be the Dragon Warrior that he is destined to be. Mean while, the villain of the story, Tai Lung, is in a high security prison, which he escapes on hearing the news of the selection of the Dragon Warrior. In this rage, he breaks free and fights his way through to the village and fights master Shifu. At this point, Po has already unravelled the secrets of the Dragon Scroll, which is the power of the whole universe handed only to the Dragon Warrior. A fight breaks out between Po and Tai Lung and so the story of the Dragon Warrior is written in history and in our minds as one of the most enjoyable animated movies of 2008.

Another point to note, is that we watched Kung Fu Panda recently, as we wanted to go watch number 2 which was released in the end of May, in both 2D and 3D. A review of Kung Fu Panda 2 will follow shortly.

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