iPhone 6 Plus – Long term review (11 months & 4.5 years!)

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released in September 2014. …. Okay okay, I know this is 4 yrs late, but surprisingly I’m still using an iPhone 6 Plus!! Although I am officially on my 3rd iPhone 6 Plus, more on that later. Lets get back to the original story (which I had written, but forgotten to publish! Do other bloggers/reviewers have this problem?)

Apple released the larger 4.9″ & 5.5″ form factor phones and it was the first time they had released two premium phones at once. The last time they released two phone was with the iPhone 5S & 5C which was the budget version of the iPhone 5 (sporting previous generation specifications  in a new hard candy shell. This phone was not a huge success, so the hotly anticipated 6 Plus was apples break or make into the larger phone (phablet) market.

I have now been using the iPhone 6 Plus for nearly 11 months (4.5 years actually now!) with no major problems. Since the screen is a lot larger than my previous iPhone 4S, I have since almost abandoned my iPad in favour of of using my iPhone. The extra real estate is great for more space in reading emails/texts and even for viewing images & videos.

The phone itself is large. I don’t have huge hands, they are about average for a 6ft person and the 6 Plus fits comfortably in my hand. I do find myself using two hands more often than one handed operations. Another point to note is when using one handed it is a little hard to reach the top corners with the single handed operation. To overcome this, Apple introduced (in iOS 8) the double tap on the home button (the finger print reader) which will slide or shift the screen down temporarily so that we have better access to the top half of the screen.

The battery has been decent on ios 8, but ios 9 is supposed to improve the battery vastly! (We know how this has played out now! ios 11 was great, ios 12 has been hit and miss for the 6 Plus)

The phone is still in reasonable condition (except for one chip that occurred unknowingly) even though I have used cheaper ebay cases (a wallet flip style and a silicon gel style one I am currently using). I will look at getting another branded one soon for a little more drop protection (did not get this in the end as did not want the extra bulk the extra protection cases incur).

The rest of the review is now from my 4.5years on wards point of view on the iPhone 6 Plus. I am not going to lie, every year a new model comes out (after the iPhone 7), I have been envious of the all the little features and minute details that the 6 Plus slowly has been excluded from. Most recently the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR were released and I really wanted to upgrade, but the cost has just skyrocketed! the iPhone XS Mas can be nearly $1000 more than I paid for my iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb!

A side story about Apple Care and why should get it. I bought my iPhone 6 Plus in 2014 September and forked out the $150 extra for the Apple Care, thinking that it might be useful in case I need it. I was proven correct, nearly 2 years later. I had moved to another country and my iPhone screen was cracked. After living with the cracked screen for many months, I finally decided to get it changed. I then remembered my Apple Care included a cracked screen protection or reduced screen replacement fee. Knowing this and prepared to fork out nearly $150-$200 on a new screen, I booked a genius appointment and waltzed into my local Apple Store. Once inside, the genius went through all the usual and checked my phone and scanned it and then brought it out the back to get checked (At this point, I am calm and cool as i have already backed up my whole phone and factory wiped/reset it in preparation for visiting the Apple Store, in case they gave me another handset). about 4 minutes later, the genius walks back out and says, no problems we can give you another phone. I was like sure, no problems, how much is that going to set me back? He looked at me with a straight face and said its free! I was confused and needed clarification. So he explained that my iPhone 6 Plus was a different regions Apple Care and when they put in replacement screen, the system comes up with replace phone and $0 as the fee. So I walked out with a “new”  iPhone 6 Plus!

Now iPhone 6 Plus, number 3 is much the same story as the second phone, in that in 2018 I went in to get my cracked screen fixed (this seems to be a theme, that I should fix with a proper case! :P) and was told I got a free change over to another iPhone 6 Plus!!I was shocked again. This time the genius mentioned that my Apple Care had renewed on each iPhone 6 Plus I got for another 2 years and so was entitled to another free change of screen. So now I am on iPhone number 3 in 2019 and waiting for 2020 to get my 4th iPhone 6 Plus (kidding!).

Anyways, its 2019, ios 12 is in full force and the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus is now many generations old and using old technology. I have been slowly disliking my experience as everything has slowed down considerably and battery life is so-so, while I have a little envy of newer iPhone’s and the myriad of Android alternatives. The one thing I will note is that despite being nearly 5 years old, my iPhone 6 Plus still has a great camera (ok its no Google Pixel 3) but it still punches way above its weight. Other than the camera, I think I am just used to the ios ways of doing things, even if its slower on my phone. I will be updating my phone this year, the only question is whether to stay loyal (and be lazy to change operating systems) or switch to an Android!

-Random Reviews Team-

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