Hitachi Air Purifier EP-A9000 Review

Hitachi EP-A9000 - Front View with power on.

If you are looking for some cleaner, crisper air for your family to breathe, the choices are endless and sometimes confusing. I had this dilemma about 8 months back. After many days of research and looking at amazon reviews and getting confused I decided to get the Hitachi EP-A9000 Air Purifier. I chose this particular model as it had a lot of features, looked good and there was a promotion running at the time where I got $250 off the retail price, which was originally $945 at the time.

The big question that everyone asks when buying an air purifier is which one should I get? There are so many bells & whistles (HEPA, Humidification, area coverage etc..) that each brand and model has, that when you think you have found one only to realise another brand has some other whiz bang feature that you must get.

The first thing that everyone notices about the Hitachi is its looks. It comes in a glossy champagne finish with touch buttons on the front. This was very appealing and made the Hitachi stand out from the the other brands I looked at. The fact that most air purifiers are decently sized, it helps to have something that looks like art rather than another machine to make our lives better (or easier?). This particular Hitachi comes with a decent amount of features, like a HEPA (allergen free) filter, Humidification, dust/odor & humidity sensor, & timer.

Having used this air purifier for over 9 months now, we have found that the air seems cleaner and during the warmer nights, the constant airflow (if the system is left on or on auto) is nice. Honestly, we are unsure if this system is actually working as we have no means by which to test if the air is indeed more pure or cleaner. The sensor on the Hitachi, when starting goes red and does like a huge flush of the surrounding air (sucking in bad air & quickly releasing good air?). After this, the sensor goes green, which we assume means the filter is working. As we are in a humid climate, we have not tested the humidification features.

The actual machine is very well built, it is made in Japan after all and everything seems to be very flush and works perfectly & seamlessly.

Overall, we like this particular purifier, it seems to do a good job as we feel like we are getting a better nights rest (although that could also be our subconscious making us believe it is so after spending $700 on an air purifier!). Would we recommend this to others? Probably not! If you want something that looks good and seems to be doing a good job, go for it! But after searching on Amazon, there seems to be a lot of little air filters with HEPA filters that have good reviews and I would probably recommend trying a few of those before purchasing this Hitachi.

-Random Reviews Team-

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