Cygnett Aviator iPhone 4/4S Case Review

There are numerous iPhone 4/4S cases out in the market. You can get them from eBay for less than $5, while the more expensive ones can cost closer to $100! The Cygnett Aviator is a dock-able hard case for the iPhone 4/4S.

The case has a brushed aluminium finish and comes in either silver or blue with the bottom section in a darker grey. This particular case will work with both the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Please note that the iPhone 4S is slightly different to the iPhone 4 on the left side only where the mute/volume buttons are located. The iPhone 4S has these buttons slightly lower and so cases designed for the iPhone 4, with fixed positions for these buttons will not work with the iPhone 4S. Keep this in mind when searching for a case for your iPhone 4S.

Overall, the case is a looker. It is finished in two-tone brushed aluminium while providing access too all buttons and ports on the iPhone 4/4S. It has a rubber inner lining to protect the glass back and the sides of the iPhone. The front and all port/button cut-outs are also lined with rubber. This rubber layer not only gives the case a unique appearance but it also doubles up as an impact layer to protect the iPhone somewhat from bumps and knocks. Handling the brushed aluminium case will not leave any smudge marks on the back, so the case is always looking clean.

Here are some pics of the case. More pics of the case on the iPhone 4S will follow shortly:

The dock-able hard case is a two piece design which when opened you slide the iPhone into the top half and then insert the bottom half into the top half section and this will fully enclose the edges, back and front side edges of the iPhone. The Cygnett Aviator Case comes with one screen protector and micro fibre cloth. The screen protector does not come out or is affected in anyway by the design of this case when sliding the iPhone into and out of the case.

The case construction seems sturdy, like it will last some time and can take a few bumps. Just today we managed to bang it pretty hard and the case has a slight dent in the back, but nothing happened to the iPhone. This is what its designed for and if it protects the iPhone, then its doing its job! The case is light and you will not notice too much the extra weight in your pocket, although it does make the iPhone slight bigger in all directions.

The retail price of the Cygnett Aviator iPhone 4/4S case in Australia is $39.95. You can get it cheaper in shops and at online retailers, although online don’t forget to take into account shipping. We found it hard to locate the Cygnett Aviators in stores locally, so we got ours online and 3-4 days later it was sitting on our desk. The case is also available through Amazon for US$23.58 + Shipping (approx $6.51).

Overall, we would definitely recommend this case, its clean, simple and does its job of protecting the iPhone 4/4S and comes with a screen protector to prevent scratches to the touch screen.

-Random Reviews iTeam-

*UPDATED* – It has been a month since the review and the case has been overseas and on daily commutes to work etc.. Second impressions about the case….its still a great buy!! It has been dropped twice, no damage to the iPhone 4S. It also has a nice dent now, for unknown reasons, but it is still looking good and people still ask me what case it is when they see it. One month in and our verdict is still the same, definitely get the Cygnett Aviator if you are after a sleek, solid case that protects your precious iPhone 4/4S.

**UPDATE 2** – we have found our case to be very scratched after many months of being in pockets with keys, dropped and left around. Since we liked the case soo much, we bought another one!!

**UPDATE 3** – We have been using this case for a few months and this too has broken on us. It snapped at the top where the access hole is for the power button and headset port. We love this case, its looks, its protection ability and subtleness. After breaking two of them, we have decided to retire the case. We still recommend the case, but if you do drop it a few times (accidentally of course!) and possibly play around with the bottom and top edges a little too much, it may break there as this seems to be the cases weak spots. The case is great, we might have a look at trying to get a RMA done, since it is still under warranty. In the mean time, we have just bought a new Mophie Juice Pack Plus case to replace this one and will put up a review with pics soon!

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