Howto backup your iPhone to Crashplan with a Synology NAS

One easy way to backup your iPhone to Crashplan using a Synology NAS (I have the DS412+) is using the DS Photo+ app (free from the app store) and running the headless Crashplan client on your Synology box.

How to Backup an iPhone To Synology Diskstation

How to Backup an iPhone To Synology Diskstation

My iPhone is my main quick photo taking device (I have Nikon D90 DSLR for trips and family photo opportunities) as it is usually with me all the time. The downside is I have thousands of photos on there that need to be backed up! I find dragging and dropping them into my computer is so slow, so I have used many apps that copy photos to my PC. The problem is I forget and its just extra steps that I have don’t get around to doing. So after I got a Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) device I used the the DS Photo+ app which can backup my iPhone Camera Roll every time I open the app. To remind myself, I put a weekly reminder to just run the app, and it automatically downloads my apps to the Synology NAS to a mobile folder. Which I then can copy to my photo section accordingly, which is sorted by year (otherwise it just gets crazy!).

The next step for my iPhone Camera Roll (photos) backups is to setup Crashplan to run on my Synology (found here). I followed those steps pretty much to the dot, although the hardest part is probably finding the correct Java client that will work with your particular Synology NAS. There is a handy table from Synology which is useful for this. After installing this, I then have my Crashplan setup to backup my Mobiles folder (the one that updates from my iPhone) regularly and so it is backup to an offsite location.

For those of you worried about Crashplan security, I would recommend setting a password for your backup, with a different password to your main account, which gives you an extra layer of security for important documents/photos etc… . Although, be warned that if you loose this second password (for the backup) all you data is NOT recoverable – i.e. lost forever!! So be careful and save that password in a safe or on another USB drive etc…

Crashplan is great, but it is not a complete backup solution. It should only be one of your backup plans. I have my NAS as my main storage location for photos and attached to that is a 2.5″ 2TB hard-drive which is the external backup location. Crashplan is my offsite backup location, in case there is a fire or a flood which could destroy or damage my home equipment. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to use Crashplan, as it means you should still run some sort of basic external hard-drive backup that will keep you data safe locally. Don’t forget that hard-drives are mechanical and will eventually break, sometimes sooner than later. Which is why you should always have more than one extra copy of a important files, documents or photo memories.

 I used the information from this blog, which refers to a brilliant user from PCLoadLetter who created this client from the Synology NAS to help setup Crashplan on my Synology box.

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*UPDATE 2014* – DSM 5.0 and above now uses Java 8 for the headless Crashplan client and hence there is less need to worry about the version of Java as this one version will cover more types of CPU’s (Intel/atom etc… ).

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