Apple September Announcement

Apple is set to announce the new version of the iPhone, the iPhone 6. Apple is hosting an event on September 9th at 1pm EDT (early morning for us in Australia!). The rumours are at fever pitch and here are the so called speculated devices to be released:

iPhone 6: This will be Apple’s latest mobile phone and the flagship model that will sell the most in volume. It is supposed to have a newer more curvier design and a larger screen coming in at 4.7″, bringing it in line with other flagship Android phones. The other supposed news is that it will have NFC and a bulged camera port. It should come in the same colours as the iPhone 5S, gold, white and space grey. iPhone 6 plus: This is supposed to Apple’s foray into the phablet market (large, almost tablet phones). It is supposedly coming as a 5.5″ screen with identical specs to the iPhone 6 and available in the same colours. The main difference is the size compared to the iPhone 6 but it may also come with iPad type dual screen functionalities in landscape mode (phablet held sideways) to make use of the extra screen real estate. iWatch: This is only rumoured and has been so for the last 2 releases since the iPhone 5. It is still unconfirmed and no actual leaks have surfaced showing this. The hope is that it will be a surprise and it will link in to Apple’s ios8 health app.

Of course, none of this is set in concrete, but the numerous leaks online have hinted that the iPhone will have the specs we think it will have and that a phablet and smart watch may be released. Only 13hrs left and we shall find out!!

-Random Reviews Team- Monky Magic 😉

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